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Used New Holland TD804 Farm Tractor

Best condition used new holland TD804

Product Description

New Holland SNH804 tractor has powerful leading functions, high technology content, humanized operation, is the introduction of the first new technology products in Europe. The product has great traction, can be used for both flood and drought, slope operation, but also supporting a variety of compound machines. The design concept of this product is people-oriented, and good quality, is the pioneer of tractor to adapt to the new era of agriculture.

1, The use of Deutz diesel engine, low fuel consumption, water-cooled wet cylinder liner, so that the machine temperature, oil temperature, water temperature are controlled, more suitable for large area operation.

2. Gearbox adopts helical teeth, good meshing, low noise, less power consumption and long service life.

3, 12+4 synchronizer shift, hydraulic brake, the automobile design concept is transplanted to the tractor, so that users can operate more comfortable.

4, Muffling, exhaust separate, two balance. Cab air filter, paint does not contain benzene, fully reflect the concept of environmental protection.

5. The clutch adopts the main and auxiliary operation to separate, which reduces the ground stop time in the field operation.

Light weight, high ground gap, narrow wheelbase, short wheelbase, good at paddy field and small plot operations, optional cab and counterweight can also meet the dry field operations

Hydraulic system adopts gear pump, and can be matched with hydraulic output, force adjustment adopts the use of soil resistance to automatically adjust the depth of tillage, adapt to modern farm operations

The 75/80B series products can be equipped with two types of engines, which can be used in paddy fields, dry fields, large and small plots

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